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الهزيمة الداخلية وسيم يوسف
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3 100 027 views 70k 413 share save explod2a03 published on apr 24 2009 track 8 13 complete soundtrack ducktales duck tales alt わんぱくダック夢冒険 jp wanpaku duck yume bouken tjp platform famicom nintendo entertainment system developer publisher capcom composer yoshihiro sakaguchi aka yuukichans papa year 1990 jp us eu tracklist 1 ducktales theme 2 land select 3 the amazon 4 transylvania 5 transylvania prototype alternate 6 african mines 7 the himalayas 8 the moon 9 the moon prototype alternate 10 boss theme 11 gyros flying machine 12 item victory invincibility 13 death game over this is the complete soundtrack to the classic nes ducktales game included are two bonus tracks unique to an early prototype build a slower version of the moon theme and a completely different song for transylvania 6 105 comments alpha zombie add a public comment wifebeater69 wifebeater69 1 year ago could have sworn the first part was from pokemon 3k typical person typical person 4 months ago ahh the memes 1 8k rd ed rd ed 3 weeks ago thx bongo cat 380 kyotosomo kyotosomo 2 months ago rise 600 mars 227 mars 227 4 months ago 0 00 and behold a meme is born 1 1k thatonedaxster thatonedaxster 1 month ago finally it took me so long to find this music so many people used this in editing but i struggled to get the name 110 myrkur myrkur 3 months ago edited literally googled that 8 bit flying music and got this 428 aadil parack aadil parack 6 months ago this song is so powerful i m holding back tears 467 zaman productions zaman productions 5 months ago edited i came from a guy tying balloons to a dog and watching it fly edit youtube has taken me in a 5 month circle wow thanks for the likes and reply s anyone come for the duck tales season finale 214 funkysquadhd 2 years ago i came here from a guy tying a toad to balloons and this song was on that vid 1 5k brozilla2003 1 month ago so who s here from the ducktales season 1 finale 260 burrito bros 3 months ago try listening at 25x speed its spooky lol 63 tr